Is Perennia a government agency?

We are owned by the Province of Nova Scotia and operate as a not-for-profit corporation with an industry-led board of directors.  Such a business model means we have the flexibility to provide confidential consulting services.  We receive about 50 per cent of our funding from government sources.

What is your mission?

Assisting farmers, fishermen and food processors become prosperous and profitable.

Do you only work with farmers?

No.  Our field services works exclusively with farmers and agri-business but our food safety and product development and commercialization teams work with farmers, seafood producers and processors, including pet food companies, etc.

Do you only do work in Nova Scotia?

No.  We do consulting work in all areas in other provinces with the proceeds reinstated in services for Nova Scotians through Perennia.

How do we know what is free and what is charged for?

All initial consultations and calls, emails, etc. are free!  So, please connect with the best specialist or food scientist that you feel can help, and they can have that discussion with you.  It is not black and white and really is based on your needs.  Some of our field services are 100 per cent subsidized by the provincial government with most other services competitively priced to ensure value for the investment.

Can small producers or processors get help at the Innovation Centre?  It seems too big for what I need.

Of course!  Big or small, if you have a current product with an issue or want to create a new product, we can help.  Please call us!

Do you help home gardeners?

If there is something on our website that can assist you, great.  But, we do not offer services to home gardeners.  Our focus is on crop and livestock producers selling commercially, whether at the farm market level or through retailers.

Do you fund projects?

We don’t. But a number of our clients access funding to support us working with them.  Please see common funding sources clients have used on our funding page.

Do you write business or marketing plans?

We don’t but we encourage all of our clients to have one as a blueprint for their success.  Funding is usually available from provincial government programs to support getting this work done with credible consultants.

How do I work for Perennia?

Check our careers section.  And also keep you eyes out for opening on careerbeacon.com – we always post open positions on that recruitment website.