Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

DATE: Sept. 19 – 20, 2017
Fee: $930.00 + HST
Physical Address:  173 Bernie MacDonald Drive, Bible Hill
(find on google maps)
Registration Deadline: Sept. 5, 2016


Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process undertaken to find the root cause of a problem which, if adequately addressed, will prevent a recurrence of that problem. It is a requirement set by such GFSI-benchmarked standards as SQF and BRC, and is used to provide permanent, long-term and practical solutions to food safety and quality problems. RCA uses a systematic, team-based and data-driven approach and should be performed as soon as possible upon the identification of a problem or incident. In this training program, the RCA and problem-solving methodology will be taught through presentation, case studies and role playing exercises. At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the application of problem solving tools and techniques
  • Identify and prioritize problems
  • Use RCA to address problems and identify root causes
  • Develop corrective and preventive action based on RCA
  • Document your RCA activities

Who Should Attend?

BRC Auditors
Facilities Managers
Food Safety and Quality Consultants
Food Safety Personnel
Food Service Managers and Personnel
Global Food Safety Coordinators & Managers
HACCP Coordinators
HACCP Team Members
Operations, Maintenance and Sanitation
Owners/Operators of Food Businesses
Packaging Engineers and Developers
Plant Managers and Supervisors
Process Engineers
Product Development Managers and Personnel
QA/QC Managers, Technicians & Supervisors
Quality Auditors
Quality Systems Coordinators
SQF Practitioners
SQF Team Members

Trainer: Mike Rayburn

A light lunch will be provided.

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