Production Information and Advice

Learning how to handle issues that impact your business growth or profitability is a key responsibility of each owner/operator or employee. Perennia specialists develop and gather production information that support skills development and knowledge transfer to primary producers on pests, current and innovative production methods and efficiencies, herd management, the introduction of new technologies and equipment, applied research, streamlined production, season extension, product development and risk mitigation.  These services are for  farmers producing crops or livestock with the goal to sell commercially

Specialties covered include horticulture, livestock, field crops, organics and soils.   Specialists also undertake applied research projects and are available to visit sites where issues-identification and guidance is necessary.

A portion of these services are subsidized for farmers through funds provided to Perennia from the Government of Nova Scotia.    Please speak to any specialist about services that are eligible for a subsidized rate or offered at no charge.

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