Applied Research

Make better decisions with on-farm data.

Applied research done on farm sites is a key way for specialists to address industry issues, assessment cultivars and varieties, grazing techniques, etc.  Our specialists undertaken a number of applied research projects each year in partnership with government, farmers and farming associations.

Perennia also conducts efficacy trials on various horticulture crops for companies seeking field data to assist with the registration of new products or for minor use registrations.

Companies with new commercial fungicide, insecticide and herbicide products make better decisions with on-farm data.  For this service, all trials are carried out on commercial farms; trials are carried out under sound scientific procedures; statistics are carried out when requested; and updates and final reports can be produced if required and on client’s timeline.

For more information, contact:

A member of our specialist team
Kentville office: (902) 678-7722
Truro office: (902) 896-0277