Knowing where you stand helps you make better farm business decisions.

Perennia specialists offer site assessment and inspection services for anyone considering purchasing land or equipment in Nova Scotia, or who have existing land and structures looking to be repurposed, for commercial crop or livestock production.

As part of the service, specialists will assess:

  • the land’s potential for various horticulture crops (primarily apples, grapes, high and low bush blueberry)
  • frost risk potential
  • soil type
  • depth of root penetration
  • potential for water drainage problems
  • potential for irrigation requirements
  • rootstocks and cultivars

Other assessments such as equipment, barns and other structures are also available to support your business goals.  For example, an assessment can be done on whether a piece of land is suitable for grape growing or what type of processing equipment you may need to start slicing apples for snack foods.


For more information, contact the appropriate specialist from our team to assist you