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Important Note

Please note that pesticides registered in the US are not necessarily registered in Canada. For the most recent and specific product information always refer to and follow directions on product label.  Labels can be found at Health Canada’s Pesticide Label Search.

Perennia Pest Management Guides are updated regularly, however this information is continuously changing and therefore it can cease to be current and accurate. Pesticide labels  are  the  best  source  of  information  and  should  always  be consulted  prior  to  using  a  product. The  label is  the  best  source  of  information  on: registered  crop  uses,  rates,  days  to  harvest,  compatibility  with  other  pesticides,  toxicity and other special information on its effective and safe use.  If any information in this or any other publication conflicts with the information on the label, always use the label recommendation. 

Please note that we make no warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the use of products listed in this or any publication. The user assumes all risks, whether recommendations are followed or not. These publications are intended as a guide only.