Avoid loss of certification, a shut down or being dropped by a retailer

Our specialists conduct both non-certified standards and certified standards audits. We can help you with all three of the scenarios listed below:

  1. to comply with GFSI standards requirements
  2. to comply with clients requirements (i.e. Costco and Walmart)
  3. to enable your facility to identify areas of improvements on meeting any new or existing requirements/food safety standards.

We conduct second party audits for internal audit programs, which are a requirement of the GFSI schemes. This includes auditing against SQF and CanadaGAP, clients/retailers’ requirements or customized criteria, and established standards.

Our audits can be conducted on-site or off-site, using only SOPs and documents, or we can be available as additional support during an actual audit. In all instances, we are representing you and your business interests.

Perennia also has a certified auditor who only does third-party audits through NSF-GFTC, a recognized certification body for SQF, BRC and CanadaGAP, as well as FSSC 22000. Requesting a local auditor when booking your third-party audit can grealty reduce your costs since travel costs would be minimal compared to bringing in an auditor from outside Atantic Canada.

Food Safety Auditing Service Sheet PDF-icon_web

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