New Cream Liqueur Created

Grand Pre Wines wanted to create a an apple-cream liqueur infused with Domaine de Grand Pré’s popular Pomme d’Or dessert wine.

Action Plan:  Over a two-year period, the team at the Perennia Innovation Centre worked with the winery on the following phases:  product, process, food safety and production system development; CFIA approval of the production and process;  identification of equipment to interface with Grand Pre’s current structure; and preparation of over 5,000 bottles of the product for test selling.   “We felt we could create a product that could compete with the Bailey’s-type products,” says Jurg Stutz, Grand Pre’s winemaker.

Results:  The product was launched at the 2015 Saltscapes Expo and sales have been going very well.  Jurg already has ideas for more new products.  “Perennia’s Innovation Centre is really one of the province’s best kept secrets We’ve been working with Perennia for a while, and they’ve always delivered for us.  If you are looking to develop an innovative product to commercialize, call them.”