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Project Description


Apiculturist – ATTTA Program Lead

As part of the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture, Robyn works with beekeepers and lowbush blueberry growers to build the pollination capacity within the region.

She completed her BSc from Dalhousie University and became an Articling Agrologist in 2013.  She is currently finishing her PhD (Biology) where her thesis focuses on enhancing lowbush blueberry systems for native pollinators and natural enemies.  Throughout her studies she has been involved in student government, community involvement and volunteer work. She has visited local day cares and youth groups to speak about pollinators, build bee `hotels` and plant seeds for pollinator gardens.

Robyn grew up on a farm in northeastern New Brunswick.  During her BSc she worked as a summer research assistant with the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, studying native pollinators in wild blueberry.  In 2011 she and her partner started their own small cash crop farm in northern New Brunswick.  She is a Director with the New Brunswick Young Farmers`Forum and has participated in the Canadian Young Farmers` Forum national roundtable discussions.

As part of her PhD, Robyn has presented at grower meetings, both regionally and nationally, as well as scientific conferences and workshops.  Her passion is working with farmers to advance agriculture and pollinator health in Atlantic Canada. She is interested in different communication strategies to transfer knowledge to meet the needs of industry.

Robyn participated in the 2014 American Museum of Natural History ‘Bee Course’ at the Southwestern Research Station in Portal, Arizona.  There she studied bee diversity, identification and conservation with leading bee researchers.  She was also the Canadian student delegate for the Chicago Council of Global Affairs 2014 Food Security Symposium in Washington, D. C.

Robyn`s strengths include pollinator identification, habitat management, written and oral communication, and extension education.  She enjoys working with farmers collaboratively to share the positive message of Atlantic Canada`s agricultural industry.

Office: 902-896-0277, EXT 234
Cell: 902-957-3274
Email: rmccallum@perennia.ca