Small-Scale Commercial Production

Use our commercial equipment and expertise to produce larger product quantities for sale in Nova Scotia

Whether you are at the farm market level, have yet to sell your product but want to produce product samples, or just received a huge order that your current processing line can’t handle, the Perennia pilot plant is a perfect option for you.

The pilot plant is available for processing food and beverages and non-food agri-bio products. An assortment of pilot-scale processing equipment is available for many food processes, including blending, cooking, drying, heat treatment, packaging, freezing and cooling.

Some equipment is installed permanently but most equipment is portable and can be moved into location and connected quickly to overhead utilities as needed.

Perennia Innovation Centre’s food scientists and technical staff are experienced in the food processing and bio-product development sector and Good Manufacturing Practices, and are available to help clients through scale-up of their trial production runs. The pilot plant offers a sanitation program to ensure for safe food production.

The pilot plant is provincially licensed so products made in the facility can be sold within Nova Scotia.

Processing Equipment and Capacity at the Innovation Centre PDF-icon_web

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