An assessment is an investment in your company. Perennia can help you identify potential problem areas that, if corrected proactively, can save you time, money and anxiety down the road.

Getting the proper asssement can ensure you are meeting government, retailer or or other requirements (such as BRC, SQF, QMP, Canada Gap, Costco, Superstore, Sobeys, etc.), which can lead to a smoother audit with fewer non-conformities meaning less time and money spent to make corrections. The assessment report can also be used to support a funding proposal and is, in general, an effective basis for improving your current food safety program.

Perennia offers three types of assessments:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Pre-audit Assessment

For more information, please contact:

Elaine Grant, Quality and Food Safety Specialist
Office: (902) 896-0277 EXT 230
Cell: (902) 956-3376