Research & Development

We conduct research to address industry issues and to commercialize novel products

Perennia is uniquely positioned to address a variety of research and development issues facing the agrifood and seafood sectors, or assist entrepreneurs seeking to conduct research for commercialization.

Our team has seasoned agronomists with years of experience conducting on farm research that has developed new crops in Nova Scotia, like sweet potatoes, tested varieties to mitigate risk for field crop producers, and addressed unique ways to address pest issues that reduce yields.

We have a solid track record in conducting efficacy trials for chemical companies seeking feed-level data for new products.

We also have a team of food scientists and technicians who have conducted research on crop byproducts to create new products, new feed alternatives for fish, and work in the cosmetic industries.

We can help on a number of levels and love a new challenge! Let us help you address an issue or capitalize on research that can lead to new commercial products.

For on-farm research, contact Bill Thomas

For research for commercialization purposes, contact Dr. Eric Albert

Project Profiles