Board Member

Réal Samson holds an undergraduate degree from University of Moncton, a Master’s degree from Acadia University and a Doctorate degree from Dalhousie in University and College Administration.

Dr Samson has been director of the Université Sainte-Anne Bachelor of Education program, president of Collège de l’Acadie, a francophone community college and has held senior administrative positions with the provincial government.  He is a past member or chair of a number of educational and community boards and committees.

Dr Samson was involved in the tourism industry for over 10 years having built and operated a motel. He also owns and operates a consulting company. 

Réal was raised in a rural community that continues to depend, to a large extent, on the fishery for its very survival.

Dr Samson is currently Director of Business Development for the Premium Seafoods Group.