Board Member

Margie (Margaret) Lamb) is the owner of Meadowbrook Meat Market a 150 sow, farrow to finish hog operation with a value added processing and retail outlet on her farm in Somerset located n the Annapolis Valley. With her late husband Jim they transitioned the farm over the years through various types of hog production and herd sizes to its present business model over thirty years 

She continues to operate this integrated business, with the support of her dedicated staff of twenty – five, raising the pork used in the processing of  all things pork. The business has two retail outlets, offers wholesale, catering and distribution to Nova Scotian’s.  

Margie is presently Chair of Pork Nova Scotia representing producers as they continue to work on rejuvenating the hog industry to become profitable, sustainable and to be part of providing food security for the people of Nova Scotia. In her capacity she represents producers at the national level.

Some of the things she views as accomplishments by Jim and herself over the years are :a) getting herd health to the point of raising their hogs without the use antibiotics,  b)having for over twenty years, open housing for gestating sows which is just now coming into the Pig Care Code of practise, c) Jim and she built a brand due to the loyal support of customers over the years, she remains humbled at how dedicated these customers  are  d)  they trademarked their brand e)ham is a signature product with Taste of Nova Scotia and their tag line is “Home of Jimmie Lamb Ham “, and f)  the hot dog they formulated  and named the “Jimmie Dog” meets the  school nutrition programs as a moderate serving while having no fillers, dyes, or MSG .

Prior to being involved full time on the farm Margie’s love and passion was that of being an educator for 35 years in the community in which she lived. She loved the joy on the student’s faces when they recognized their accomplishment from their hard work. The creativity, skills and the challenges she met in her teaching career has informed and influenced much of what she brought to the business upon her retirement and she believes it is still reflected in her work.  

Margie believes strongly in: producing  food that is sustainable, healthy, nutritious, food safe and as clean as possible with attributes of made without gluten, MSG , fillers, dyes or  animal bi-products. Passionate about communities she and Jim through Meadowbrook contributed to numerous causes, fundraisers and events annually seeing what great things can happen when many work together. 

Through the challenges with Jim’s health, passing and business her faith and support of family and staff have motivated her to continue the work that Jim had started. 

In her other life Margie enjoys  spending time with her and Jim’s combined family of five growing number of “ perfect “ grandchildren, friends, learning, reading, travel, music, good food, laughter and  life in general, feeling very blessed to have worked with and met so many great people and to live and work in such an amazing province.