Jason Lynch

Nova Scotia
Chef: Jason Lynch
Venue: Le Caveau and The Black Spruce

I’m Chef Jason Lynch I grew up on a poultry farm in Hortonville NS. Having grown up on a farm in a rural community, product and quality were always important to me. After working in Toronto and Ottawa I was given the opportunity to move back to Nova Scotia and train with some of Canada’s most respected restaurateurs, David Barrett, Nicholas Pierce .

I took the chance and moved back to the Annapolis Valley where I dedicated myself  to working with local farmers, meat purveyors and fish mongers to build a supply chain that would be able to supply the majority of the product I would need to run my restaurants.

My food reflects my passion for all things agriculture. My philosophy is Terrior, Using all of the ingredients before me with in a season.  I am a strong promoter of culinary with in Nova Scotia and have worked with Nova Scotia tourism, Taste of  Nova Scotia and many private companies.

I have built a private label food brand that sells nationally. I have always worked and volunteered my time to help other agri food start ups get up and running.   I truly believe Nova Scotia has some of best culinary and agriculture in the world which deserves to be celebrated.