Board Member

Brandon grew up in the small farming community of Great Village, in rural Nova Scotia. He lived with his mother, father, and three older brothers. They grew up on a strawberry and blueberry farm that his parents established back in 1979.

In his childhood years, Brandon attended a small rural school in Great Village, NS. He attended high school in Truro at the Cobequid Educational Centre and graduated in 2010. Brandon spent most of his younger years helping out on the farm, picking strawberries, driving tractors and eventually starting his own business alongside his brother, Jonathan.

Through the years, Brandon has become heavily involved with the family business. He has taken on a senior management role within the company and oversees the entire operation, as well as managing his own company that has recently expanded. Their small business has recently purchased three other blueberry farms in the province with the intent to establish and acquire more land in the near future.

Brandon and Jonathan established their business, J&B Millen Farms Limited, in January of 2011. Their farm consists of growing their own strawberries, blueberries, turnips and onions. J&B Millen Farms have been raising swine on the Rustic Pork Program for several years and just recently built a new barn for their hogs. In the past year, alongside another shareholder, they purchased Stillwater Poultry and have recently built two new state of the art broiler barns.

Brandon is also involved with managing East Coast Wild Blueberry Limited, an IQF blueberry processing company. East Coast Wild Blueberry is a shared company between Millen Farms and another shareholder overseas.

Between building a business of his own, managing and operating his parents’ business, as well as helping manage the blueberry processing company, Brandon is raising his three children alongside his wife, Clarissa Millen, at their family home in Great Village, NS.

Brandon is involved with several committees and boards in the agricultural industry in Nova Scotia. He has a passion for farming and agriculture as a whole and is striving to maintain and grow a family business that will be handed down for generations.