About Us

Objective, Innovative Problem Solvers.

Perennia Food and Agriculture Corporation is a provincial development agency with the mission to support growth, transformation and economic development in Nova Scotia’s agriculture, seafood, and food and beverage sectors. We are Nova Scotia’s only technical development agency focused solely on our food sector and maximizing its value.

Our vision for Nova Scotia is to be a recognized world leader in producing innovative, environmentally responsible, safe food of impeccable quality.

The Perennia team’s number one goal is helping food-related companies grow and take advantage of new opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Why work with Perennia?

Our depth.We have a diverse team with a wide variety of specialized skills and a deep bench to ensure projects are done thoroughly and on time.

Our objectivity. We aren’t affiliated with any product companies, thus we can focus on what is the best for our clients and their goals.

Our resources. We have a wide variety of resources to advance projects and provide assistance from people to publications, fact sheets and videos, labs and a commercial pilot plant.

Our connections. If we can’t help, we’ll lead you in the right direction and connect you with people who can.