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Perennia Food and Agriculture Corporation is Nova Scotia’s development agency focusing on the food sector. Our mission is to support success, transformation and economic development in Nova Scotia’s agriculture, seafood, cannabis, and food and beverage sectors. That means our team of bright, engaged specialists are always learning, always evolving, and always ready to take on a new challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Come grow with us.


Perennia is looking for a Viticulturist to work with Nova Scotia’s amazing growers and winemakers. As a key member of our team, you will provide specialized production advice and expert guidance to wine and grape growers across the province. If you are a budding viticulturist with the goal of being part of developing our impressive wine region, we are also offering a unique opportunity to be mentored by a one of Canada’s leading viticulture specialists. 

Perennia is always looking for talented folks. If you are interested in sharing your resume for openings that might become available, please send it to

What’s working at Perennia like?
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Can you find all four Perennia staff in the photo? Our crew was hand thinning the fruit on Gala trees for a research trial on thinning. We timed the hand thinning process for each treatment because time can help us approximate labour savings for commercial farms. Hopefully by now you have found Jenna, Jon, Sophie, and Jordan among the trees!


#PerenniADayInTheLife of Quality and Food Safety Specialist Shelly MacDonald, who had the opportunity to hang out with a client in Liverpool and facilitate Food Safety Awareness training. There are always great discussions during these trainings!

Interested in quality and food safety training like this in your facility? Contact the team today at the link in our bio!