Perennia’s Agriculture

Services Team

Our Agriculture Services team has been the foundation for Perennia since the beginning. With only five specialists in 2001, we have grown significantly since then. Over the past two decades, there have been several changes.

In 2020 alone, we changed the agriculture services team’s leadership with Jennifer Haverstock taking the position of Manager of Horticulture and Jonathan Wort, the Manager of Livestock and Field Crops.

We also welcomed five new employees: Hugh Lyu (Wild Blueberry Specialist); Talia Plaskett (Protected Crops Specialist); Shane Wood (Agriculture Research Technician); Thomas Harrington (Agri-Environmental Specialist); and Katie Trottier (Ruminant Livestock Specialist- November 9, 2020 start date).

In addition, effective today, we are making the following exciting changes within our team: Sonny Murray is assuming the position of Small Fruit Specialist; Caitlin Congdon will complete maternity leave coverage as Vegetable Specialist and assume the role as our Field Crops Specialist; Shane Wood is assuming the role of Forage Specialist/Research Program Coordinator; Hugh Lyu will add the cranberry file to his portfolio; and Andrew Byers will be taking over as Program Lead for the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture.

This is Perennia’s largest and most comprehensive agriculture services team to date. We have made significant changes in the past eight months with our team and the way we work.

With our new team in place, we are poised to do even greater things for our clients and the agriculture industry.

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