Agriculture Programs

Farm Weather Station Assistance Program

The objective of the Farm Weather Station Assistance Program is two-fold: to encourage producers to install weather stations and adopt new technology tools; and fully utilize the data to make proactive management decisions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and adverse weather conditions.

Funding is open to eligible applicants at 30-70 per cent subsidy levels.

This program is administered by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and is funded under the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership Program.

Perennia will be working with applied applicants to implement the program, including providing the weather station and co-ordinating the installation.

Opening dates are March 15th to April 30th, 2022

Learn more about the program here!

Agri-Environmental Program

The Agri-Environmental Program is a partnership between the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Perennia Food and Agriculture Corporation This program combines environmental components from each of these organizations building on their strengths in this area.

The program provides comprehensive and relevant information to help reduce environmental risk on farm, increase public trust and expand market access through four foundational pillars:

  • Environmental Farm Plan
  • Market Access
  • Research and Forward Thinking and Resources
  • Information Sharing

The program is funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement is part of a commitment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to promote productivity and profitability for the sector.

Learn more about each of the pillars and the services and resources available here!

For more information:
Perennia’s Agri-Environmental Specialist can provide additional support. Learn more.

Agricultural Production Extension Program

Informally known as ‘farm extension’, this program has been provided by Perennia on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture since 2001 at no cost to eligible producers, or cost recovery for some basic costs not covered by the program. Sectors covered include: horticulture, livestock, field crops and soils for both conventional and organic systems. Services covered by the program include: individual farm advice by phone, electronically and in person at the discretion of the specialist; publications and information online and in hard copy; virtual and in-person workshops and field days; and sector development projects. with collaborative partners.

To be eligible for the program, producers must: be a provincially-registered farm operation producing commercially as an income source, or with the desire and commitment to be selling at a commercial level; and show the commitment to learning the hands-on and decision-making skills to successfully manage the day-to-day agronomic needs of their operation with little formal assistance from our specialists (for example, learning how to read soil tests, identify a cow with metabolic disease, and when to harvest a crop).

Under this program, Perennia specialists undertake industry development projects to address industry-wide issues, often with collaborators. When working with partners where Perennia is not an original co-operator or a collaborative in the project scope, in-kind participation by specialists under this program, will be determined on an project-by-project basis.

For more information, please contact one of our offices at:
(902) 678-7722 or (902) 896-0227
or connect with an agricultural production specialist

Biosecurity Program

For five years, Perennia offered a biosecurity education program on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. Signs for your farm are available to no charge. Visit the Biosecurity Nova Scotia website for more information and to order signs.

Strawberry Aphid Monitoring

Perennia provides aphid monitoring and virus testing in the strawberry sector province-wide in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Horticulture Nova Scotia. This has been undertaken since 2013 in the wake of 2012’s significant crop losses due to viruses carried by aphids.

For more information, please contact:

Sonny Murray, Berry Specialist
(902) 678-7722

Atlantic Technology Transfer Team for Apiculture

The first ever Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture was created in 2016 at Perennia Food and Agriculture Corporation as a joint initiative supported by government, provincial beekeeper and wild blueberry associations. The majority of the project is funded under the Pan Atlantic Research and Innovation Program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, which is program cost-shared between the federal and provincial governments with contributions from provincial commodity associations. The ATTTA apiculturists work with a steering committee to focus on building the pollination capacity of honey bees for wild blueberry pollination through five objectives:

  1. Improve honey bee health and nutrition;
  2. Improve disease and pest monitoring and treatment (including IPM strategies);
  3. Improve overwintering success;
  4. Improve biosecurity techniques and
  5. Optimize pollination in lowbush blueberry

For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Byers, PhD
(902) 324-1832