Winemaking Services


This service includes an overall examination of production and enological practices applied in the winery with the goal of increasing wine quality and meeting current and emerging market demands.


  • Data collection on site: Overview of current situation of the winery, including production methods, sensory evaluation on site
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation of results and recommendations: report, including all the data collected, analysis and recommendations and possible ideas for follow-up work as needed


Two services are offered in sparking winemaking assistance.

Sparkling Winemaking Techniques for New Products

Sparkling wine is a value-added product in the wine market. Production technique is important as it contributes to final wine quality and Perennia can help wineries to find the most suitable technique depending on their needs. Please read our fact sheet for additional information on How to Choose the Most Suitable Sparkling Winemaking Method in Nova Scotia


  • Analyzing different methods of sparkling winemaking and find the most suitable one for the client
  • Design a custom process flow chart for sparkling winemaking which includes necessary steps of production

Optional deliverables (extra):

  • Recommendations for additives, ingredients and laboratory analysis
  • Assistance in sensory analyses to decide additions, aging time, blending, dosage etc.

Addressing Current Technical Obstacles

Perennia can help wineries to define and overcome the technical obstacle that lies between their sparkling winemaking techniques and final goals.


  • Analysis of current method of base and sparkling wine production to define the current obstacle
  • Verbal report on possible solutions, prevention or cure of the problem


It is possible to have problems during the winemaking process. And, it can be challenging to detect and define a specific problem and the related wine defect.  Often it is not enough to just correct the problem, thus it is best to be handled with a proactive, preventive approach. Perennia can help to detect and define an existing wine defect, find the possible reason, overcome, and outline the measures for prevention.


  • Winery visit to evaluate of the specific problem
  • Defining the problem: Interpretation of lab results (if needed) and literature review
  • Verbal recommendations on how to overcome the problem and how to avoid it from happening in the future processes
  • Optional: Bench trial needed for recommended products


Blending involves combining wines from different grape varieties and/or different plots and it is one of the most important steps of winemaking. It directly effects the final composition and the style of the wine, and allows to adjust the balance of the wine, to keep the consistency in a specific product and to create a house-style. Perennia can help to find the most suitable blending proportion for obtaining the wine style that is aimed to be produced.


  • Attendance of Perennia Winemaking & Innovation Specialist to the blending session at the winery, for organoleptic evaluation of the wines and creation of the possible blend recipes.
  • Optional: Laboratory analyses before/after the blending service.


Interpretation of lab results and phone/online call consultations are available for wineries outside of Nova Scotia. This service provides information based on analysis results and needs assessment.


  • E-mail or phone call consultation:
    • Interpretation of lab analysis results
    • Inquiries about winemaking