Perennia’s food scientists have the experience and expertise to bring value to your beverage development projects. Our services and specialities span both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories and include:

  • Formula Development
    • Bench-top development of samples
    • Reviewing existing formulations for food safety, commercialization and scale-up preparation
  • Ingredient sourcing and costing of formula
    • Use of ingredients—such as flavours, enzymes, sweeteners, etc.—to provide desired flavour and texture
  • Bench-top scale processing for the creation of prototype samples
  • Process Development
    • Developing processes that can be scaled up to meet current processing capabilities or capabilities of a co-packer
    • Reviewing existing processes to troubleshoot potential issues
    • Provide data for development of specification sheets
  • Nutrition Facts table development
  • Label reviews to Canadian standards
  • Food safety evaluation and ability to test important chemical parameters such as brix and pH
  • Stability studies, including microbiological evaluation
  • Shelf-life evaluation, including an in-house sensory team to evaluate quality over time

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**Are you in Nova Scotia and need support for your food and beverage development project?  Please consider applying to the Food and Beverage Business Accelerator Program.