Accelerated Direct Sales:  A COVID-19 Response for Agriculture and Aquaculture in Nova Scotia

This new pilot program is for Nova Scotia-based farms (Agriculture and Aquaculture) and food businesses wanting to quickly, conveniently and professionally create a website with product listing and e-commerce features, or to add an online store to their current website. To facilitate this, Perennia has entered into an agreement with one of Canada’s leading providers of this service: Local Line Co.

Take a look at the latest Webinar on How to increase sales using Local Line or view the PDF Presentation here.
Take a look at the Introductory Webinar from Local Line or view the PDF Presentation here.
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Temporary Foreign Workers Support

Perennia, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture and the Nova Scotia departments of Agriculture, and Fisheries and Aquaculture are continuing to work together in 2021 to support agriculture and seafood companies to successfully isolate their temporary foreign workers upon their arrival in Nova Scotia. As part of that, we are ensuring documents required by Nova Scotia Public Health are available to you and you have the information you need to meet the documentation requirements.

NEW FOR 2021

  • Updated Guidance Document and forms (available below)
  • Updated Best Practices guides for completing the required forms (available below)
  • Perennia’s role has changed for 2021:
    • Perennia will continue to collect and compile your information and forward to the correct parties before the flight (Provincial Government, Halifax Airport, etc.) but will not be present at the airport this season.
    • Perennia will continue sending you an email with pertinent details about specific airport logistics and requirements prior to the flight.
  • FOOD:  Companies will be responsible to ensure that your workers have something to eat when they arrive at the airport – see document below for details
  • Federal COVID-19 testing and results requirements prior to arriving in Canada (as of January 7, 2021) can be found at
  • Federal ArriveCan registration required prior to arrival by plane to Canada (as of November 21, 2020)

If you haven’t been in touch with Perennia about your Temporary Foreign Worker arrival requirements in Nova Scotia previously or if key contacts in your operation have changed, please get in touch with Sara Bone right away by calling 902-678-7722 (ext #3) or emailing and co copying

For a full list of documents and posters CLICK HERE

Perennia Seafood COVID-19 Response Program

The Perennia Seafood COVID-19 Response Program (the Program) provides financial assistance to commercial entities in the fishing, aquaculture, marine plant harvesting and seafood buying/processing sector in Nova Scotia to support implementation and development of operational changes required to allow for business continuity and safe workplace practices needed as a result of on-going COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. 

The fund will assist companies in purchasing Personal Protective Equipment and other safety materials, and in developing new protocols and procedures to ensure safety of both seafood products and employees who are essential to maintaining operations

COVID-19: How Perennia is Adjusting How We Work

These are unprecedented times. At Perennia, so much of what we do involves connecting and interacting with our clients and other stakeholders. Effective, March 17th, how we do that will be changing.

As community members, and as a team that cares about each other, our clients, our families and neighbours, we are taking steps to lessen the spread of coronavirus.  As such, working with our partners, we are cancelling all our in person training sessions and workshops. We will not be conducting routine farm or client site visits and will be conducting as much of our business remotely from home bases via phone, email, text and videoconference. We anticipate there could be special cases where on-site client work is required to ward off significant impacts on a client’s business. In these cases we will be assessing vigorously as to the risk in concert with the client. However, we reserve the right to not be on site as it is not business as usual. As things evolve, we will reassess.

Effective March 17th our offices are closed to visitors as an additional cautionary measure. Each office will have phone coverage and staff will be available by cell and email.

As of May 27th, 2020, our Agriculture Specialists are beginning limited restarts scenario for on-farm visits under strict guidelines. Learn more.

To discussion samples for analysis, we would ask you to follow this protocol:

  • Horticulture-related samples – please contact the appropriate specialist
  • Field crop-related samples – please contact the appropriate specialist
  • Cannabis samples – please contact Bloom Labs

Stay safe and take care of each other. We all need to do our part and Perennia is adamant that we will do ours by following the above practices.

~ Perennia Management