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Pathogens and Nematodes
Dr. Paul Hildebrand

Results of Product Efficacy Trials in a Replant Situation
Michelle Cortens, Perennia


In 2018, Spurr Bros Farms and Perennia teamed up to conduct preliminary trials to evaluate products for the management of root lesion nematodes on a replant site. Products included Nimitz, Majestene, Velum Prime, compost amendment, and Vydate. During this session, Michelle will describe the treatments and share results relating to tree performance, nematode soil samples, and draw conclusions and preliminary recommendations.

Pesticide Points

This session has been approved as an NS Environment course T1692 and is worth 1.0 points in Pest Management. All attendees must show a current NSE Pesticide Certification Card and register on the attendance form. Please note that this presentation will be summarized during the NSFGA Spring Workshop on April 4-5th but only the presentation on March 27th will provide enough detail to award pesticide points. 


Plant parasitic nematodes are a component of the apple replant disease complex in Nova Scotia. The wounds created by nematode feeding on root tissues are entry points for plant pathogens that worsen the problem. Young apple trees on replant sites in Nova Scotia orchards have showed severe replant symptoms and upon diagnosis had high populations of root lesion nematodes. Vydate is currently the only product registered to provide control of nematode infestation in non-bearing apple trees. Trials were done to understand product efficacy.

Also, apple replant disease has mainly been treated by pre-plant soil fumigation, as fumigation offers the most consistent control of replant disease to date. However, the availability of fumigants in the future is uncertain. Alternatives to fumigation must be effective and reliable for their widespread adoption as there are limited ways of mitigating the disease after orchards are established. Several products with activity against nematodes have been developed, and preliminary trials in 2018 suggested their usefulness for nematode control in Nova Scotia.

If you need more information about this session please contact Michelle Cortens at (902) 678-7722 or mcortens@perennia.ca.


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