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HACCP I: Prerequisite

Registration Deadline: Sept. 16, 2019


Who should take this course? Everyone involved in food plant operations needs the knowledge and understanding of prerequisite programs (PRPs) that this course provides. Failures in prerequisite programs are four times more likely to be the cause of a recall than a process failure. Robust programs are essential to meet food safety, regulatory and customer expectations. This course covers current best practices for developing, documenting and implementing operational and environmental controls (such as PRPs, Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMPs, etc.) to prevent contamination of food materials. Managers and owners need their personnel to be experts in these methods – your PRPs are the foundation of a comprehensive food safety system.

A HACCP Prerequisite Program is the foundation for a comprehensive food quality system and provides the building blocks for HACCP plan development. In order for your HACCP system to be successful, HACCP prerequisite programs must be developed and implemented. Prerequisite programs are written to control operational and environmental conditions within the facility to ensure the production of safe food. At the end of the program, you will be able to:

Identify and categorize hazards
Identify appropriate controls for hazards
Write standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Identify steps to PRP implementation
Conduct a gap analysis of your current practices to PRP requirements

Who Should Attend?

Facilities managers
Food safety and quality consultants
Food safety personnel
Food service managers and personnel
Global food safety coordinators and managers
HACCP coordinators
HACCP team members
Owners/operators of food businesses
Plant managers and supervisors

Recognized by the International HACCP Alliance

Trainer: Shelly MacDonald, Perennia

Please note all courses are taught by NSF International certified instructors and are offered in partnership with NSF Training & Education Services.

A light lunch will be provided.