Food and Beverage Business Accelerator Program

The goal of the Food and Beverage Business Accelerator Program is to support Nova Scotia producers and food and beverage processors in increasing revenues and profits by assisting them to get more products successfully to market; and opening new markets for current and new products.

Perennia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (NSDA) are working closely together on the delivery of this program to help clients achieve their food business goals for value-added products produced in Nova Scotia by the processing of raw Nova Scotia agriculture products. The program is funded under the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership agreement and has three components:

Cost-shared Components

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is administering the cost-shared initiatives of the program which provides financial support at (50% or 75% of certain maximums) for specialized services provided by Perennia in the following areas:

  • Food Safety Coaching
  • Food Safety Product Testing
  • Analytical Testing
  • Improving a Current Product
  • Nutrition Facts Table Development
  • Creating a New Food or Beverage
  • Processing Acceleration
  • Provision Coalition’s R-Purpose MICRO Program

For more information or to apply for any of the above, please use the Program Guidelines and How the Program Works buttons. Applications for this part of the program must be submitted to the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture by November 30, 2022. If you have been working on a project with Perennia (in one of the above categories) that began after April 1, 2022 your project may be eligible for funding, so please apply.

High Risk Nova Scotia Processed Products

In addition to the above cost-shared initiatives, the program will fund, through Perennia, a variety of services that are targeted toward companies who are producing food and beverage products that are considered at higher risk for food safety hazards or that have been identified by regulatory agency inspectors as needing follow-up to validate safety for human consumption.  This includes:

  • Risk assessments on high-risk foods
  • Validation of process critical control points
  • Evaluation of sanitation program design
  • Implementing Listeria Monocytogenes monitoring programs
  • Post recall assessment and recovery
  • Corrective action plan development
  • New food or beverage processing facility plan review (or extensive renovation plan review)

For more information or to apply for this part of the program please contact us:

Training and Resources

The program also has an important education and skills development component. Over the coming months Perennia will be developing resources such as webinars, videos and factsheets that will build upon the knowledge gained in the Agri-Food Accelerator Program. Watch for more information on a wide range of topics from business strategy, product development, and food safety, to packaging and regulatory issues, as well as demonstrations of new sustainable packaging technologies. To be certain of hearing about these resources as they become available, please sign up for the Food Safety Newsletter or The Food Feed (a product development newsletter).

In time, a Nova Scotia Food and Beverage Hub will be created to house all these resources in one handy location with other tools that will be useful for those working in food processing, food safety and food product development.