Consulting Services

Perennia works with companies in the fisheries sector in three key areas:

  • Quality and food safety initiatives and training
  • Product development and research to commercialize new products or improve current ones
  • Sector development projects with the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and other industry partners

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Sprague, Manager of Seafood
(902) 955-0248

Product Development

These are services are focused on accelerating clients with technical support and scale up of new products or processes, or enhancements in those areas.

This is mainly done by our team based at our Innovation Centre in Bible Hill which houses analytical and product development labs, and a pilot processing plant with commercial grade processing and packaging equipment.

Some of the work we have done for the seafood sector include:

  • Value-adding products
  • Bait development
  • Shelf life testing
  • Process development
  • Smoking of products
  • Drying of products
  • Packaging enhancements
  • Canning process for products
  • Processing facility set up and slow
  • Ingredient sourcing

Quality & Food Safety

Our quality and food safety specialists can help you maintain and access new markets and have been working in the seafood sector for over five years.

We have assisted companies with:

  • BRC, QMP and SQF certification and annual audit preparation
  • Coaching to ensure your food safety plan is strong and will ward off issues
  • In-house customized training, most recently for the aquaculture association but for private companies, as well
  • Facility design
  • Export plans with interpretation of federal regulations
  • Training needs for certifications with are public food safety training