Fisheries Programs

Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program

Nova Scotia seafood exporters now have the opportunity to join the Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program (NSSQP), a program developed under the Nova Scotia Seafood brand, initiated by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and developed and managed by Université Sainte-Anne and Perennia.

This program promotes high-quality standards within the Nova Scotia seafood supply chain and enhances our international reputation for premium quality seafood.

Obtaining certification under the Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program will not only provide you with guidance and extension support to improve the quality of seafood products but will strengthen business relationships and open access to new markets. You will be licenced to use the “Nova Scotia Seafood” brand for marketing purposes, receive customized marketing support, and be promoted as a Nova Scotia Seafood Ambassador, which communicates to customers your integrity as a supplier and your commitment to manufacturing seafood products at the highest quality.
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For more information:
Please reach out to Jonny Rolin at or (902) 956-4280

Nova Scotia Seafood Accelerator Program

Perennia is pleased to introduce its first Seafood Accelerator Program for Nova Scotia’s seafood sector.

The focus of this program is to support:

  • access to new markets through support for eligible companies obtaining a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification to open new export markets or maintain current ones,
  • improvement of current seafood value-added products (either in market or a ready-to-commercialize prototype with a waiting market) through technical support, and
  • successful commercialization of new Nova Scotia value-added seafood products into recognized markets with sales longevity

This program is funded under the provincial Building for Tomorrow Fund and is available until March 31, 2023. Intake is ongoing while funds are available. Projects must be completed by March 31 in the year they are approved, so early application is recommended.
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The Seafood Accelerator program is currently closed and we are not accepting applications at this time. If you have questions, please contact Ashley Sprague, Seafood Manger.