‘What’s the Buzz with ATTTA’ is a podcast featuring conversations with interesting guests from the beekeeping industry. Hosted by the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture and always regionally relevant, this podcast’s goal is to provide beekeepers with additional insight into all aspects of the industry. Whether you are a hobby beekeeper or a large commercial pollinator involved in blueberry or honey production, the podcast will have something interesting.


E11.S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

It will be no surprise to our listeners that Newfoundland is a special place to keep bees! Our current podcast explores the benefits and challenges of keepingbees on the Island. Our guest Catherine Dempsey has bee involved in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry of Newfoundland for several years. In our conversation, we explore the history of Newfoundland beekeeping and the unique approach required by beekeepers in the most easternly regions of Canada. We also take the opportunity to discuss the new book that Catherine has recently published. “Daphney’s Bees” is a wonderful story of a young girls first season as a beekeeper. This book is a great adventure for the whole family!

E10.S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

Dr Andony Melathopoulos is a researcher and beekeeper with direct ties to eastern Canada.  Having spent time at Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University (AC campus) while undertaking his doctoral studies, Andony contributed in a positive, and long lasting way to our industry.  Through his research work and enthusiastic teaching Andony left a strong impression on those he met while in Nova Scotia.  Listen to our latest podcast to learn about Andony’s beekeeping journey from eastern Canada to his position on the faculty of Oregon State University.  Find out about his current research related to pollination and honey bee health!  You will encounter few beekeepers who are as interested and energetic about honey bees as this months guest, so take a few minutes to meet or reacquaint yourself with this fascinating beekeeper.

E9.S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

Our latest episode is an informative interview with veterinarian Dr Sarah Wood.  Dr Wood, a veterinary pathologist, concentrates on research related to honey bee Health.  Working at the University of Saskatchewan, she takes a “One Health” approach to her investigations which covers a range of disease and environmental factors which can impact honey bees.  Listen and learn more about her work which is providing important insights for Canadian beekeepers on pesticide use, European foulbrood, pollination and more.

E8.S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

The Canadian Honey Council (CHC) represents all beekeepers from the hobbyist with one hive through to the largest commercial operation with thousands of colonies. Nationally, there are more than 10 000 beekeepers, managing nearly one million colonies, supported directly by the work of the CHC. As the national association of the beekeeping industry, the CHC undertakes many of the big issues related to honey fraud, product labelling, employment and much more. This month’s episode of What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping podcast explores the work of the CHC through a discussion with the association’s executive director, Rod Scarlett.

E7.S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

If a person could be labelled as a honey scientist that person would be Dr. Peter Awram. Peter is a second-generation beekeeper, originally from Alberta but now living in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. From this location, Peter continues his family beekeeping operation and runs a food authenticity business. With a background in microbiology and knowledge of beekeeping, Peter has a unique skill set that has allowed him to develop the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the identification of fraudulent honey. This work uses cutting-edge technology to profile Canadian honey, creating a database to determine the authenticity, floral sources and regionality of our honey. To find out how you could be part of Peter’s research related to honey fraud preventions, listen to this episode of the What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast.

E6. S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

What will kill 100% of the pests and diseases found in your beekeeping equipment? Listen to this podcast to find out. A fascinating conversation with Professor Monique LaCroix, the leading expert in Canada on the use of irradiation for the food industry. Professor LaCroix has almost 35 years of experience and is recognized globally for her knowledge in this field. We discuss the best type of irradiation for beekeeping equipment, what pests and diseases are affected and where our regions beekeepers can access this technology. Listen to our podcast as we delve into this subject and emerge with a deeper insight into this little used tool. Disinfection taken to the next level and something all beekeepers should know about in this episode of What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping podcast!

E5. S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

This episode of What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast reflects back to simpler times of beekeeping in the Atlantic region.  We talk to well known local beekeeper Fletcher Colpitts about early days in beekeeping during times of significantly less pest and disease pressures.  Our talk includes a brief history of the pollination industry in eastern Canada.  We move through the 40 years of Fletcher’s beekeeping career towards a discussion of what the future might hold for our region’s beekeepers.  Fletcher draws on his experience as a third-generation apiarist, New Brunswick Chief Apiary Inspector and a lifetime of thoughtful beekeeping to provide a unique insight into our industry.

E3. S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

With this month’s podcast, we continue our conversational tour of beekeeping in our regions and talk to well know local beekeeper Chris Lockhart.  Chris is from New Brunswick and keeps bees around the Moncton area.  As a second generation beekeeper, his business Lockhart Apiaries is involved in pollination and honey production. He sells quality, local, honey under the brand Atlantic Gold which is found in stores across the region.  During our conversation, Chris talks about the challenges of running and growing a beekeeping business during these difficult times of Covid-19 and climate change. Listen to the podcast to find out more about beekeeping, pollination services and baseball bats!  An informative chat of interest to anyone beekeeping in Atlantic Canada!

E2. S1 What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

This month’s episode features an interview with well-known and successful Nova Scotia Beekeepers, Sandra and Mario Swinkels. The Swinkels are based in Antigonish NS and are involved in beekeeping, pollination services and honey production. In addition, they have a successful range of honey bee-related value-added products which they retail directly to consumers and through local shops. We talk about establishing their beekeeping business and the challenges they face as they continue to expand. Mario and Sandra provide advice and tips for anyone interested in starting out or growing their beekeeping operation. Listen and enjoy this casual conversation, rich with valuable information for all beekeepers in our region.

E1 S1. What’s the Buzz with ATTTA Beekeeping Podcast

This episode features an interview with Prince Edward Island commercial beekeeper, Andrew MacFarlane. The interview discussions delve into topics that are sure to get you thinking about how and why beekeepers, especially in Atlantic Canada, have various strategies in place to suit our region’s climate and specific challenges. Also, we talk about how other strategies from around the world compare and function differently for similar challenges. Listen along to learn about different moisture issues in beekeeping across Canada, how weather patterns and extreme weather events are changing the ways we do beekeeping, what on earth the Fibonacci sequence has to do with a certain style of beekeeping, and much more!

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