Mobile Beverage Services

Perennia is pleased to offer a mobile bottling service for still wines and spirits, as well as a mobile filtration service.

Mobile Bottling

Our mobile bottling trailer is equipped with industry-leading Criveller equipment that includes a product pump, loading tables, rinser and sparger, filling, capping or corking, labelling with sleeve application and offloading table with the capacity to operate at speeds of up to 1500 bottles per hour.

Criveller single head corking and capping station; capable of handling natural and synthetic corks as well as, Stelvin® style screw caps. Criveller linear automatic adhesive labeling unit capable of handling front and back labels on the same roll.

Mobile Filtration

Our filtration service is a flexible and efficient option for a growing industry. The unit is housed in a mobile trailer that can be transported to different wineries to filter wine with throughput values of up to 5000 litres per hour and can handle pressures up to 7 Bar. These parameters ensure all areas of wine production are covered with an effective single pass technology minimizing the effects of oxidation, eliminating the cost of consumable materials (filter pads, cartridges), and reducing the number of labour hours spent passing the same product through multiple times – all resulting in a higher quality end product.

To help meet the needs of the regional growing wine sector, Perennia Food and Agriculture is pleased to offer a mobile filtration service. Our Pall Microza® – Microfiltration System, OenoFlow XL5 6S-HP (Cross Flow) filtration unit focuses on filtering all types of still and carbonated wines.

To request our services please complete the following information about your winery and the details of your request, and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Additionally, please review our Specifications & Requirements document for detailed information about our requirements and capabilities.