Nova Scotia Seafood Innovation and Technology Adoption Program (NS-ITAP)

Perennia is providing non-repayable financial assistance to Nova Scotia commercial entities in the fishing, aquaculture, marine plant harvesting and seafood buying/ processing sector to increase productivity, competitiveness, quality and sustainability in the fish and seafood sector under NS-ITAP. Depending on the nature and scope of the project, funding may also be awarded to Nova Scotia-based industry groups or associations.

The NS-ITAP supports  ‘innovation’ and ‘infrastructure’ related projects and aims to increase the value and volume of Nova Scotia fish and seafood products that are marketed as high quality, value-added and sustainably sourced.

Subject to funding availability, the Program is scheduled to run from May 1, 2024 to February 28, 2026

Eligible Activities

INNOVATION: to encourage the development of new products and technologies in the harvesting, aquaculture and processing sectors

  • Research and development of new innovations to contribute to the sustainability and enhanced product quality of the fish and seafood sector,
  • Pilots and testing of new innovations, and
  • Activities to introduce innovations to market.

INFRASTRUCTURE: to encourage the use of new technologies or processes to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the sector.

  • Adapting/adopting new technologies, processes or equipment to improve the effectiveness, quality and sustain-ability of the fish and seafood sector; and
  • Training associated with adaption of new technologies, processes or equipment


NS-ITAP is offering up to $99,900 in non-repayable assistance per project inclusive of all operations per fiscal year at a maximum assistance rate of 70 percent depending on the nature of the project.

See the NS-ITAP Program Guidelines for full details on eligible applicants, activities and expenses.

Please note: Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance members are not eligible for this program and are instead invited to apply to the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance Infrastructure and Innovation Program.

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Sarah Lowe