Plant Health Lab

The Plant Health Lab is now accepting samples.

The Perennia Plant Health Lab is a plant diagnostic laboratory specializing in virus detection in grapes by RT-PCR (RNA viruses) and PCR (DNA viruses). Perennia is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists that can assist clients in diagnosing in-field issues. The Plant Health Lab is a complement to the rest of the team in providing definitive, reliable and consistent results to our clients on grape viruses.

Our team will conduct a systematic sampling procedure in a requested field following a specific protocol that is designed to provide the highest level of confidence in virus detection.

Commonly Tested Viral Diseases of Grapes:

  • Grapevine Red Blotch Virus (GRBV)
  • Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus-1, 2 and 3 (GLRaV-1, -2 and -3)
  • Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus (GPGV)

At this time the lab will only be providing virus testing in grapes with the intent to extend into other crops with time.