Viticulture Specialist

Originally from Chile,  he joined Perennia in December 2016 and is excited to be in Nova Scotia and provide support, leadership and direction to grape growers, wine producers and the Nova Scotia Wine Development Board to accelerate the sector’s development.

Francisco has extensive experience studying and working as a specialist in various high-quality wine-growing regions in Australia, Chile, Spain, France and most recently in California. These experiences have given him the ability to produce wines which express the characteristics of the terroir and meet the quality standards of the marketplace.

Based on his knowledge and experience in viticulture and winemaking, Francisco can provide growers guidance on all aspects of vineyard management.

Francisco has a B.Sc. in Agriculture Engineering from Universidad de Concepcion (Chile) and a MSc. in Enology and Viticulture from Montpellier SupAgro (France), Bordeaux ScienceAgro (France) and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain).

Office: 902-678-7722
Cell: 902-300-3905