Talia Plaskett, BSc.

Protected Crop Specialist

Talia’s role at Perennia provides support for protected crop production across the province. Although the majority of her professional experience is in greenhouse tomatoes, she is expanding into all protected commodities that are grown in Nova Scotia

Originally from Southern Ontario, Talia is excited to apply her knowledge of greenhouse growing to Nova Scotia production systems. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 2015 and spent the following five years working at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. She was able to gain experience in plant pathology, breeding and production, all while working in a newly constructed hydroponic greenhouse. Talia actively identifies risks and appropriate solutions to mitigate them while keeping the realities of production in mind. Understanding the production system and optimizing inputs are the name of the game for a successful crop and play a key role in creating a more efficient future.

Cell: 902-305-3419
Email: tplaskett@perennia.ca