Dairy Specialist

Dan was raised on a dairy farm in Nottinghamshire, England. He studied Ruminant Nutrition at the renowned Harper Adams Agricultural University.

He provides professional ruminant nutrition and husbandry advice to dairy farmers, including: feed plans, herd health recommendations and support to the dairy industry as a whole. Dan is a Cow Signals Master Trainer helping dairy producers understand the body language of the herd to help create long-life cows! Under the Cow Signals umbrella, he has completed training courses in Robotic, Transition Cow, Youngstock, Fertility, and most recently Hoof Signals.

Having worked in the ruminant feed industry since 1992, providing nutritional advice on-farm and to feed companies, Dan has worked with vets to maximize herd health potential and has a keen interest in young stock and the transition cow.

Dan worked for Nutreco, a global Dutch company, where he was engaged with the Ruminant Research Centre and the launch of products and services into the commercial arena.

Office: 902-896-0277
Cell: 902-890-9665
Email: dmosley@perennia.ca