Project Description

20th Anniversary Nova Scotia Minister’s Conference 2018

Action Plan:
Perennia was contracted as lead organizer of the 2018 Minister’s Conference for the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture with Marilyn O’Neil as project lead. It was an important event as it was the 20th Anniversary of the conference. Perennia had previous experience working with the trade show aspect of the conference. Perennia staff including Wanda Lloyd, who spearheaded the organization of the trade show component and Patti Ryan, who produced the webpage and professional promotional material for the conference, worked to make the conference as success. Innovative aspects were added to make the event unique: a reception was hosted to celebrate the event and showcase Nova Scotia seafood products with the head chef creating special recipes; and, banners with up to date provincial seafood facts were developed to use throughout the conference space. The Conference was held in the new Halifax Convention Centre and this was the first time the conference was hosted in the downtown Halifax core.

The Result: 

  • The Minister’s Conference 2018 saw a doubling in attendance over the previous year
  • Trade Show participation was increased by 100%

Survery results showed:

  • 80% rated the conference very good to excellent success
  • 83% of surveys rated the speakers as very good to excellent
  • 90% rated reception as very good to excellent
  • 80% rated the trade show as very good to excellent
  • 50% will do something new in their business as a result of the conference