Agricultural Environmental Specialist

Mackenzie’s role at Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. is to support and promote best management practices and guidelines related to climate change, biodiversity, and environmental health in agriculture.

Mackenzie has a Bachelor of Science in degree in Agriculture from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture, with a major in Environmental Science. After graduating from her Bachelor of Science, Mackenzie worked for the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association and wrote a Forage Best Management Practices Manual with focus on best management practices which could help reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on enhancing carbon sequestration. Mackenzie is completing a Master of Science in Animal Science from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture. Mackenzie’s research focuses on rotational grazing intensity of beef cattle, and how it may improve animal performance, and enhance carbon sequestration to help offset net greenhouse gas emissions from the beef life cycle.

Phone: 902-890-7716