Project Description


Research Associate

Caitlin supports specialists in the Kentville office with field work and applied research on horticultural and field crops as well as livestock. She assists with the planning and implementation of research trials, establishes and maintains experimental plots, collects and analyses data, and participates in report writing.  She also oversees all Kentville-based summer students.

Caitlin has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College where she majored in Plant Science and minored in Pest Management. Her background in agriculture comes from a deep family history of farming, supported by her work experience on both crop and livestock farms.  She has hands on experience in all stages of cropping as well as with dairy cattle and on a 6,000 weaner pig/contract drilling and baling operation in Northern England.  Caitlin previously worked as a research assistant for the Nova Scotia Crop Development Institute.

Office: 902-678-7722, EXT 235
Cell: 902-698-9473