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Since legalization in 2018, the cannabis industry has experienced tremendous growth. Cannabis production is not a stand-alone industry and relies on collaboration and cooperation across many disciplines to be successful. Legalization would not have happened without extensive evidence of relief to medical and physical ailments, or without a good understanding of cannabinoid molecules and how they function.

Nova Scotia is home to a handful of licensed producers, both on the large and small scale. As with any commercially scaled production system, there are many challenges in figuring out how to cultivate as productively and efficiently as possible. While it will be many years before solid cannabis-focused production research is published, there are many aspects of traditional plant agriculture that are transferrable. Understanding your growing environment and how it impacts plant health and yield is key for any crop, and these tools can be directly transferred to cannabis production.

Perennia is doing its part in providing support to producers across the province. We offer general agricultural support, including the development of factsheets on substrate selection; webinars on general fertigation system design; monitoring, identifying and providing general advice on managing new pests or diseases; and take an active role in identifying and pushing industry needs in pest management product registrations. We also offer individual consultation, helping companies to optimize production with integrated pest management, fertigation/irrigation plans, and humidity management advice.

For a list of our resources, please visit Bloom Labs or for more information, please contact Talia Plaskett, (902) 305-3419. For any and all quality assurance questions, support and services, please visit Bloom Labs.


Perennia’s Pest Management Guides are general information only. Perennia does not offer any warranty or guarantee, nor does it assume any liability for any crop loss, livestock loss, health, safety or environmental hazard caused by the use of a pesticide mentioned in the publication. For most recent and specific product information, always refer to and follow directions on the product label. Labels can be found at Health Canada’s Pesticide Label Search. The publication lists a number of brand name pesticides. It is neither an endorsement of the product nor a suggestion that similar products are ineffective. Please also note that pesticides registered in the US are not necessarily registered in Canada.


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