Project Description

About the Centre for Marine Applied Research

The Centre for Marine Applied Research (CMAR) was established to focus on areas of research and collaboration to propel the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture’s aquaculture growth strategy forward. The office leads and supports projects with industry, communities and stakeholder groups to collect and analyze biophysical and socio-economic data to support informed decision making regarding new site development and to foster innovation that will advance the industry’s long-term development potential. 

The office is based out of the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Dartmouth.

Highlighted Projects 

Sensor Deployment to support Oceanographic Information Collection

CMAR is actively engaged in the deployment and monitoring of sensors in the coastal waters of Nova Scotia. This information is being collected with the intention of supporting science-based decision making in the optimal development of our coastal resource. Data collected through this ongoing project will also be used to

  • Inform shellfish, marine plant and finfish aquaculture siting and practices that best suit the environment
  • Provide increased resource information for the fishing industry as well as other users of the coastal resource
  • Provide valuable information to communities for use in coastal planning relating to storm or extreme weather, tourism opportunities, aquaculture opportunities, and investment attraction

This data collection project is inclusive and involves collaboration with partners including local communities, marine industry experts, traditional knowledge holders, First Nations, youth, academics, and government agencies. The project team is always looking for new partners, particularly those with interest and knowledge of the coastal resource.

Economic Impact Study on the Aquaculture Industry in Nova Scotia

In April 2018, CMAR launched a call for proposals for an economic impact assessment of the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia. The intention of this study is to capture the current state of the industry, and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the direct and indirect effect that aquaculture has on both the local and provincial economies. 

Aquaculture is a well-established industry in Nova Scotia and is poised for significant growth as the global demand for seafood and marine products continues on its current growth trajectory. Understanding the extent of the industry’s impact in the province is vital in capturing its importance, and in informing good decision making. Currently, the only public data collected on an annual basis for the industry pertains to farm-gate sales and employment. It is CMAR’s intention that this study will address the gap in industry data by providing a robust analysis of the current state of the industry, and by setting forth recommendations for a more thorough system of annual data collection.

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