Project Description


Chief Executive Officer

As CEO Lynne provides leadership to the company’s various service lines and teams, develops the strategy and vision for the company with the board, and is the chief of team culture, business thinking and empowerment, believing one of her key roles is to encourage team ideas and an openness to the possible — for the betterment of industry and the company.  

Lynne was Perennia’s Chief Operating Officer and Acting CEO before becoming CEO, and also its Director of Marketing and Communications.  Previous positions have included senior communication and speechwriter positions with the Province of Nova Scotia and the Province of Saskatchewan. She has also worked in corporate and government relations in the private sector in Ottawa.

In her time at the helm of Perennia, she has strengthened the corporate team in human resources, finance and marketing, added resources to all specialty teams, shepherded the launch of the cannabis analytical service Bloom Labs and a plant health lab co-located with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Kentville, increased the overall project portfolio of the company, been instrumental in the launch of mobile processing services for the wine sector and pushed the Perennia-developed Agri-Food Accelerator and Seafood Accelerator programs to support market access and product development in industry.

An entrepreneur at heart, she owned and operated a boutique pet product micro company as a side hustle for seven years, selling through bricks and mortar and online channels to Canadian and international clients. 

Lynne has a Journalism degree from Carleton University, an Executive Certificate in Marketing from St. Mary’s University, a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie University and a Certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University.

Office: 902- 678-7722