Jay Woodworth, MSc (Agri), P.Ag

Christmas Tree Specialist

Jay Woodworth works with Christmas Tree growers and their associations to support the growth and sustainability of the Christmas Tree industry, through the development and delivery of technical resources and in-field services. Jay specializes in environmental management, with a soil science background, which translates into a comprehensive approach to lot management.

Jay has an undergraduate honors degree (University Metal) in Integrated Environmental Management and a Master’s degree in Soil Science from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture. Before her work with the Christmas Tree growers, Jay worked as an Environmental Farm Planner and an Agri-Environmental Agrologist, supporting all commodities across the agricultural sector. Jay also has an extensive background in field research and has worked on projects scoping sub-surface drainage and irrigation, in-vitro rumination, forage and oilseeds trials, through to N cycling in soil environments. Her MSc work focused on developing thresholds of environmental trigger events that result in pulses of N2O emissions from agricultural soils. Jay’s research has earned her a variety of scholarships and awards and has allowed her to present findings on an international scale.

Jay’s role at Perennia is supported by the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia and the Building Tomorrow fund. Jay is responsible for managing the Research and Development Program, advancement and delivery of the Quality Standards Program, support of the Operational Efficiencies Audit, the expansion of Best Management Practices and maintenance of associated resources, as well as leveraging technical capacity through the on-going delivery of educational materials, workshops, courses, presentations, and one-on-one grower support.

Cell: 902-956-1509
Email: jwoodworth@perennia.ca