Project Description

Jonny Rolin, PhD

Food Scientist – Seafood

Jonny Rolin joined Perennia’s seafood team as Food Scientist at the Product Innovation Centre in Bible Hill. His role is to assist the industry in overcoming technical obstacles and develop new commercial products. 

Jonny, originally from Ontario, received his B.MSc. from the University of Western Ontario in 2012 (Biochemistry and Physiology) before attending Dalhousie University in Halifax to pursue a Master’s degree and eventually a Doctorate in Food Science and Technology. Jonny’s doctoral research focused on identifying anti-diabetic bioactive peptides from fisheries by-products. He has experience developing commercial-scale processes for the manufacture and recovery of marine-derived natural health and pharmaceutical products. 

His areas of interest include food processing, food chemistry and product and process development. He is most excited about using innovative tools and technologies to help the Nova Scotia seafood and agri-food industries prosper.

Cell: 902. 956.4280