Food Scientist

Nancy Tregunno provides expertise and insights into the development and scale-up of new food products. She comes to Perennia with 25 years of experience of applied research and development in the food and agri-food industry. She has worked in the areas of product and process development from concept to commercialization.

Nancy completed a B.Sc. (food science) at Acadia University and a M.Sc. (food science) at the University of Guelph. She has worked with Nova Agri Inc in the Annapolis Valley for 17 years as the New Product Development Manager. At Nova Agri, Nancy developed value-added products, conducted post-harvest research trials and investigated quality issues.  Prior to that she worked in the applied research group at Guelph Food Technology Centre (now NSF).  Her areas of interest include product shelf-life, formulation development, process development, thermal processing, food-package interactions, improvement of post-harvest quality and food labelling.

Her problem-solving abilities and interest in building partnerships and fostering ongoing learning will add to the Perennia team.

Office: 902-896-8782