Project Description


Horticulture Specialist

Matt is joining Perennia as a general Horticulturist on a term position. Matt grew up in the Annapolis Valley and has a family background in farming and agricultural science.

Matt has a BSc. in Biology from St. Francis Xavier University, and is currently completing his MSc. in Biology from Acadia University. His thesis project is on the transmission of strawberry decline disease viruses by the strawberry aphid. He has been involved in the provincial strawberry aphid and virus monitoring program with both Perennia and AAFC since 2013, and has had experience monitoring spotted wing drosophila as well.  Matt’s experiences as a student with both Perennia and AAFC have given him the opportunity to become familiar with the agricultural industry in the Annapolis Valley.

Office: 902-678-7722
Cell: 902-300-4710