Project Description


Manager, Agricultural Services

Dr. Helga Miehle, P.Ag has a rich history of serving Canadian and European agriculture. As such, she prides herself on having a deep understanding of the various facets and scientific fields that come together to make the industry successful.

Dr. Miehle earned a doctorate in Agronomy, magna cum laude, has additional studies and degrees in Agricultural Biology and secondary education in English and Biology. In addition, she has extensive professional training, interest and expertise in R&D,  plant biotechnology, crop production, project management, marketing and regulatory matters from specialties ranging from genetic engineering to horticulture.

Her past professional experience includes a variety of roles with industry and public sector. Her complementary experience in academia includes working as an Assistant Professor, and in another role, heading two academic departments: Renewable Resources & Agricultural Marketing.

Dr. Miehle brings 25 years of innovation and practical understanding plus a rare combination of academic, government and private sector partnership experience to serve and continually meet the agricultural needs of Canada.

Cell: 902-324-0715