Project Description

Quality Program for Nova Scotia’s Provincial Seafood Brand

Action Plan
Perennia is leading a pilot program to develop quality criteria for premium Nova Scotia Seafood entering the market. The quality criteria were created by looking at international research and working closely with local industry members to determine their best and current practices, and identify what harvesting, holding, transporting and processing methods could be improved to maintain the highest level of quality in their products.

Companies that are able to demonstrate they are meeting the program requirements through an onsite audit will be approved to sell and market their products under the “Nova Scotia Seafood” brand. This brand will differentiate premium Nova Scotia seafood in the global marketplace and add value across the Nova Scotia seafood industry

The Result
To date, quality criteria has been develop for farmed oysters and processed lobster products. In winter 2020, the Bill and Stanley Oyster Company became the first seafood producers to be approved under the program. You can now find their products bearing the Nova Scotia Seafood logo in the market.

Ashley Sprague, Seafood Development Specialist, says “Products branded with the Nova Scotia Seafood logo will represent consistent, top quality seafood for buyers and consumers. If companies can meet the criteria, you know that they’ve gone above and beyond to bring the best products to market”

The uptake of quality standards could lead to a higher value placed on seafood coming from Nova Scotia. “This is a way of raising the bar for all companies in the Nova Scotia, we really want to show that our province is producing some of the best seafood available on the global market,” says Sprague. Perennia’s team is working to complete quality criteria for other top-exported species so additional seafood products can become eligible to use the brand.