Project Description

Quality Program for Nova Scotia’s Provincial Seafood Brand

Action Plan: 
Perennia’s seafood team, consisting of Marilyn O’Neil and Ashley Sprague, are developing a pilot program to assess and permit industry partners that are producing top quality live lobsters to represent the new Nova Scotia provincial seafood brand.  In partnership with the expertise of Perennia quality and food safety specialists, Pam Laffin and Shelly MacDonald, criteria was defined that companies must meet in order to qualify for use of the brand and logo on their premium products. The team will be reaching out to companies in summer 2018 to raise awareness of the pilot branding program and to assist them in meeting all necessary criteria to become ambassadors of the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand.

The Result:  
Companies that meet all program requirements will be permitted to use the seafood brand to differentiate their top quality live lobsters from other products in the marketplace. These companies will see the benefit of increased sales due to the increased general awareness of Nova Scotia seafood and marketing plan executed by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and other agencies such as Nova Scotia Business Inc. The successful companies will also be showcased at seafood events and on trade missions. Although live lobsters are the current focus of this pilot program, Perennia will be exploring how additional seafood products could also become eligible to use the brand.