For livestock operations, good nutrition is fundamental to profitability

Perennia provides up-to-date and forward thinking, objective advice to help producers move their herd forward. Advice is not only focused on nutrition but also crops, nutrient management plans, feed safety, etc. Support may include nutritional plans, balance rations, advice on forage and other feeds, herd health plans in conjunction with vets, sampling and interpretation of forage analyses, and grazing management.

Dairy Nutrition Consultant Services

Dairy nutritional services is a defined consultant service that gives a clear return on investment by bringing new ideas and up-to-date thinking to make your herd more profitable. We will show where and to what extent improvements can be made, what it will cost to get there and the expected return.

Our approach is to involve all those who are concerned with your dairy herd. That way, ideas can be shared and problems dealt with more easily. There are many positive things we would bring to the herd. Here are some of the elements of our consulting package:

  • Monthly visit and herd walk, including scoring cows on numerous points
  • Nutrition plans for cows, calves and replacement heifers
  • Advice on suitable and cost effective forages and dry feeds
  • Herd health plans in conjunction with vet
  • Sampling and interpretation of forage analyses
  • Monthly overview and interpretation of dairy management information
  • Advice on buildings
  • Grazing management

Some of the most recent on-farm challenges we have had include reducing Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) to improve fertility, overcoming milk rejection on taste issues and reducing SCC.