Project Description


Quality and Food Safety Specialist

As part of the Perennia Quality and Food Safety Team, Pam has experience in product development initiatives, and quality and food safety program development for a variety of agri-food processors.

During a career of more than 25 years Pam has worked in a variety of industries including meat/protein which included further processing of pork, poultry, lamb and beef where she focused on quality and product development. While working in the meat industry she gained expertise in value-added products and processes. She also has experience with dairy, beverages, fruit and vegetable processing, fresh pasta, salads and entrees, snack foods, honey, coffee and fish and seafood.

Pam is well-versed in basic processing equipment as well as an assortment of packaging including films, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), labels, cartons and more. She is familiar with regulatory labeling procedures that support new product launch and has a firm understanding of requirements needed for logistics of food transport and storage facilities.

She has worked with various standards including Canadian Food Inspection Agency, American Institute of Bakers, British Retail Consortium (BRC), Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and FSSC 22000.

Pam has been a mentor and a trainer for peers and colleagues as well as serving as technical liaison for industry.

Cell: 902-679-8678