Food Safety Regulatory Specialist

Rick Kane provides clients with assistance in navigating the regulatory path in food safety and inspection. He can provide assistance in facility design, interpretation of regulations related to novel foods and natural health products, perform scientific literature reviews for development of critical control points, and act as an intermediary for industry by initiating practical discussion and communication with various government departments on matters relating to food safety and food safety regulations.

Rick has 40 years’ experience in the food industry, starting in plant sanitation at a poultry processing plant while working toward his BSc, continuing into Agriculture Canada Federal Meat Inspection for 12 years until the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) was formed. With CIFA he gained experience working in Shell Egg, Processed Fruit and Vegetables, Honey, Maple, Fish Processing and the Food and Drugs Regulations for 7 years before moving into the Imported and Manufactured Food Program for the balance of his 33 year career in Inspection. He then began working at the Provincial level in Food Safety Outreach actively assisting processors, importers, and producers to understand and meet regulatory requirements, provide formulation and process reviews for safety and adherence to product standards.

Rick has a down to earth, practical approach to food safety and is passionate about helping clients to meet their goals while producing safe food.

Office: 902-678-7722
Cell: 902-300-3710
Email: rkane@perennia.ca